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Avoid additional charges or service delays by properly loading and securing the drop box.

Drop boxes scheduled for pick-up must be properly prepared in order for us to load & haul the box. Any improper preparation may result in additional fees & a delay in service. ​​​Any damage done to the box or equipment will result in repair charges.

Drop box must be LEVEL loaded:

  • Material must be within the top edge of the box.
  • Doors and lids must be completely closed and latched. 
  • Box must be accessible.  Do not park vehicles or large objects in front of box.
  • The path must be clear of all vehicles and objects to allow pick-up.
  • All recycling boxes must be kept free of trash or any other material.
  • Any contamination will result in additional charges (see below).

Material Restrictions:

  • NO hazardous waste such as paint, pesticides, or flammable liquids
  • NO motor oil, gasoline, or antifreeze
  • NO oil drums or fuel tanks
  • NO batteries, including alkaline, NiCad or automobile
  • NO food waste. Food waste contamination will result in higher haul fee and disposal charges.

 It is illegal to dispose of e-waste (electronics) in a drop box or garbage container, perDEQ electronics ban and regulations, such as: 

  • Computers (desktop and laptop)

  • Computer monitors, mice and other appliances

  • TV's

For information on where to have electronics recycled for FREE,
go to Oregon E-Cycles.